Welcome on my site

Hello and welcome on my personal website.

My name is John F Vijzelaar and I am living in Norway.

Happily married, I have 4 children and 5 grandchildren.

As I am a retired Chef, I am still working daily to cook a great lunch for a bunch of great full people, and in my spare time I love to work online with some fantastic systems.

It started around 40 years ago that I was beaten of the network basil 😊, in that time we do not have data or Mobil phones but everyone also i, does what was necessary to earn a little extra money.

There have been several companies where I have had work with, sometimes I earned money sometimes I lose money, that’s the reality in the network business.

The programs some I promote today are all Investment/savings programs (Crypto Gaming, Cryptocurrency, Crowdfunding, Transport and Precious Metalls like Gold and Silver),Like I see it with minimal risk, all programs have there own undersite on my website, and I start with the most important and "hot" :

SUPER.ONE : The world’s first decentralized platform unifying crypto gaming and crowd referral marketing via blockchain innovation.https://super.one/   ETHparentaddress: 0x52ab9f47931da9da8e22c7cb005244180c7f3e6c 

CROWDFUNDING INTERNATIONAL A crowdfunding program to help everyones Dream

USI-TECH = A perfect Bitcoin saving and earning program

FUTURENET = FutureNet combines 5 online areas with the best future prospects.

PCB STORES started some Chartfords this was an Online Art gallery with a Great Free Cashback Program, 2 years ago Chartfords expanded with a nutrition program called Salustra and last year have there several other programs till and changed the name from Chartfords till PCB Stores (Premium Cashback Stores).

AUVESTA EDELMETALLE AG in Co-operation with Aupartners is a great savings program where everyone can save any amount from € 25,00 monthly in Gold, Silver, Palladium or Platinum.

Auvesta offers a very save savings program and Aupartners offers an affiliate program.

SKYWAY with SKYWAY CAPITAL offers investment packages for future transportation systems in a Crowdfunding system, her are several different saving packages possible.

I hope you like my site and if you have any questions or want more information about one or more of my programs, just contact me by email: john.f.vijzelaar@gmail.com

Because of my work and family situation I cannot answer direct calls on Skype or Mobil phone, we can speak together after you make an appointment by email.

Have a Great Day and thanks again that you visit my site

John F Vijzelaar

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Hello John ...

Phil Schaefer here in Chapel Hill, NC ...
Are you pleased with what Chatfords has given you in the way of compensation ?
How do they pay ?


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