Welcome on my site

Hello and welcome on my personal website.

My name is John F Vijzelaar and I am living in Norway.

Happily married and I have 4 children and 5 grandchildren.

I am a retired Chef, I am still working daily to cook a great lunch for a bunch of great people, and in my spare time I love to work online with some fantastic systems.

It started around 40 years ago that I was beaten of the network basil 😊, in that time we do not have data or Mobil phones but everyone, also i, does what was necessary to earn a little extra money.

There have been several companies where I have had work with, sometimes I earned money sometimes I lose money, that’s the reality in the network business.

The programs some I have today are all Investment/savings programs (Crypto Gaming, Cryptocurrency, Crowdfunding, Transport and Precious Metalls like Gold and Silver),Like I see it with minimal risk, all programs have there own undersite on my website, and the most important and "hot" website is of course SUPER ONE 

SUPER.ONE : The world’s first decentralized platform unifying crypto gaming and crowd referral marketing via blockchain innovation.https://super.one/  

ETHparentaddress:  0x28553dF1724C288F005Cc2D35F824A2A2D9d3448

The Concept

SuperOne is the world’s first blockchain platform to unite crypto gaming and crowd marketing.

SuperOne provides innovative bidding games where players bid to win a secret amount of Ether. It’s not gambling, but a fresh new form of digital money games, ready for millions of players.

The games are operated by a smart contract on the global blockchain and will launch when 1 million spots are sold.

SuperOne expects to profit 50,000 Ether for every million games played, and in a 100 billion dollar booming market, the potential is endless.

SuperOne is set to thrive in its combination of boundless crowd-power and sublimely-engineered crypto game concepts.

The Rewards

SuperOne is transforming crowdfunding by giving you secret game and crowd rewards instantly and directly to your wallet.

Everyone join SuperOne by purchasing blockchain spots with tokens. Spots cost 0.1 Ether each and are arranged in a three by ten forced matrix structure with all other spots on the platform.

Rewards are based on direct referrals connected to each spot. One referral gives you 2%, two referrals 4% and three referrals brings you to the maximum of 8% over 10 levels.

Included are also three levels of direct referral rewards, to make sure you’re earning immediately from all your efforts.

All the game profits are also directly transferred to your tokens, and each spot could potentially earn tens of thousands of dollars.

Please check out our rewards calculator at Super. One and make sure you secure your share of the revolution.

“We’re uniting the largest-ever decentralised crowd then launching our revolutionary games and creating massive stakeholder returns.”

Click her to JOIN this incredible journey, it`s a chance of a life time

I hope you like my site and if you have any questions or want more information about one or more of my programs, just contact me by email: john.f.vijzelaar@gmail.com

Because of my work and family situation I cannot answer direct calls on Skype or Mobil phone, we can speak together after you make an appointment by email.

Have a Great Day and thanks again that you visit my site

John F Vijzelaar

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Hello John ...

Phil Schaefer here in Chapel Hill, NC ...
Are you pleased with what Chatfords has given you in the way of compensation ?
How do they pay ?


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