How to join?


How to join?

Step 1
Prepare wallet

You need a compatible Ether wallet ready with at least ETH 0.1 + transaction fees available.

Standard transaction fee is ETH 0.0055 (100 GWEI). That means your Metamask wallet should have at least ETH 0.1055 available.

  • Install Metamask for Google Chrome
  • Buy ETH via an exchange like Coinbase
  • Transfer funds to your Metamask account
Step 2
Pay your first spot
  • Go to in your wallet browser
  • Insert the referral address
  • Pay ETH 0.1 to SuperOne
Buy more spots
  • With your MetaMask unlocked
  • Go to Account page
  • Use BUY NEW SPOTS button
Refer friends
  • Await transaction confirmation
  • Go to your account
  • Refer others with your address
Start free notifications
  • Install Telegram Messenger
  • Search for SuperOne_bot
  • Copy and paste your ETH address

 Need help?

Please check out our detailed help section here

Join now! Simply paste your referral’s invite ETH address:


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