The world’s first decentralized platform unifying crypto gaming and crowd referral marketing via blockchain innovation.

The Concept

SuperOne is the world’s first blockchain platform to unite crypto gaming and crowd marketing.

SuperOne provides innovative bidding games where players bid to win a secret amount of Ether. It’s not gambling, but a fresh new form of digital money games, ready for millions of players.

The games are operated by a smart contract on the global blockchain and will launch when 1 million spots are sold.

SuperOne expects to profit 50,000 Ether for every million games played, and in a 100 billion dollar booming market, the potential is endless.

SuperOne is set to thrive in its combination of boundless crowd-power and sublimely-engineered crypto game concepts.

ETH Parent address= 0x28553dF1724C288F005Cc2D35F824A2A2D9d3448

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Hello John ...

Phil Schaefer here in Chapel Hill, NC ...
Are you pleased with what Chatfords has given you in the way of compensation ?
How do they pay ?


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