What is Celeritas

Celeritas Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Blockchain Platform

100% safe and secure

State of the art, transparent and decentralized, and fully verified Tron Smart Contract investment project with an amazing marketing plan which guarantees the highest payouts in the industry. First time in smart contract history that active partners can become shareholders of the project and earn up to 10% of the total global turnover

Verified Contract

The Audit certification outlines the potential of the code, additional recommendations to increase security, and general analysis of the Smart contract dynamics reflecting state-of-the-art security patterns.

A Smart Contract audit is fundamentally the same as a regular code audit – which is meticulously investigating code to find security flaws and vulnerabilities before the code is publicly deployed.

It’s like testing a bridge before it’s opened to the public. In both cases, the builders have a responsibility for the security and safety of their products.

As the blockchain is essentially a replicated, append-only linked “list” of Merkle trees (that is therefore immutable), and Smart Contracts are self-executing, it is vital to find any vulnerabilities in the code before launch.


Smart Contract based Affiliate System

Smart Contract based Affiliate Systems is the decentralized cryptocurrency Affiliate Systems that are empowered by blockchain smart contracts, like Ethereum smart contract or Tron smart contract. Integration of smart contracts in an Affiliate System will bring high-level trust as it eliminates the involvement of centralized authority, reduces the risk, and increases the security by ensuring decentralization with automatic execution Of ETH & TRX transactions. Utilizing the major benefits of blockchain smart contracts such as decentralization, immutability, and transparency for the development of MLM business credibility is achieved through the Smart Contract based MLM. Key Advantages of smart contract MLMs are
  • Decentralization
  • 100% Scam Free
  • Automatic Transactions
  • Greater Transparency
  • High-end Security
  • Increases Trust
  • Guaranteed Return On
  • Referrals
  • Fast Earning
  • Instant Payment
  • No Manual Works
  • High ROI On Minimum
  • Investment


How Smart Contract Elevates MLM Business?

The integration of Blockchain smart contracts in MLM business can completely simplify the workflow of MLM platforms with more transparency in each transaction.

The implementation of smart contracts can be the best way to attract more investors into the MLM investment platform as it provides 100% security of the invested funds.

When a blockchain-powered smart contract is immutable in nature and integrated into the MLM Platform, the trustiness, and stability among the investors increase.
The ability to identify and track the transaction records carried out on a Platform becomes easy when used blockchain smart contracts in the MLM business model.

In a smart contract-based MLM Platform, all the transactions and investor’s data are stored in a specific decentralized blockchain network which can be viewed anytime and cannot be modified.

The core benefit of using smart contracts is the elimination of scams, as it performs peer-to-peer transactions with no involvement of third parties.

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