Zeniq/Safir International

ZENIQ / SAFIR International

Zeniq blockchain

HUGE benefits for early investors in Zeniq coin Zeniq coin holders can get benefits from ZeniQ Blockchain stock 💯

Profit of Zeniq decentralized EXCHANGE will share among Zeniq hubs or share of hubs holder

Never seen you before like this

Don't miss out Your 100 euro can generate passive income in the future

The outstanding advantages of Zeniq Coin + is a Fintech platform between ZeniQ Group and OCS Bank.

Both are based in Dubai.

+ Has its own Blockchain and can be cross-traded with other Blockchain platforms

+ Transaction speed of 50,000 orders / 1 second (Tron 2000 orders and Binance 10,000)

+ Extremely low transaction fee, average 0.01%/order

+ There is a decentralized ZeniQ exchange launching in 2022

+ Can be freely traded on Uniswap and Pancakeswap exchanges

+ ZeniQ wallet + ZeniQ paid app +ZeniQ swaps launching in December 2021

+ ZENIQ smart chain launching in December And forms of commercial payment linkages about the virtual world and the real world + Coins are only issued 1% of the total 600 million coins

+ 99% of investors own the casting machine, the core is mined for 20 years The current average return is 10-25% per month excluding growth coin value ✅

Be part of the future, be part of Zeniq hub

Minimum package minting €100 Presentation


Watch the video presentation

and be ready to be your own bank with Crypto and Fiat currency by registering yourself: 



 First fiat-crypto currency financial ZENIQ HUB

 We at ZENIQ are developing the first fiat-crypto currency financial ZENIQ HUB. We combine our asset exchange platform with our strong cryptocurrency and modern mobile fiat banking in our seamless ecosystem.

ZENIQ provides you the opportunity to invest in products and projects in the early stage to enjoy strong profits and tokenized assets to increase your investment.

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